”Man and daughter”

Christel Knappe

Antti Rissanen in retrospect

14.6. – 6.7.2014

Opening, the 13th of June 6pm.-8 pm. Welcome!


A few years ago Christel Knappe exhibited ”Roots and belonging”  and wrote:

”All my life I have been not only solesearching but also searching for my  biological roots and thinking a lot about my families and belonging. I have  been looking for familiar faces, wondering what my family would look like – would they look just like me? And all the things that I love doing, like sports, music, theatre and painting – where did that all come from? She found her biological roots in Oulu and the search is over.

Father and daughter never got the chance to meet but through the art and this exhibition, a dailog is taking place. Antti Rissanen was an artist and architect and his daughter Christel Knappe is an artist and architect. The work of father and daughter shows us the relevant interaction how amazing it is that bioligical heredity is so strong , despite the different environments.

“The man and the daughter” exhibition makes the prestigious  cultural personality and visual artist Antti Rissanen honour.

These selected works from his vast production demonstrate his versatility and skills as a visual artist. In this exhibition Christel Knappe is showing , apart from her more wellknown temperapaintings and watercolours,  also graphic art in an attempt to interact with her father.

“The man and the daughter” exhibition consists of watercolors, prints and drawings  by Antti Rissanen and Christel Knappe . The exhibition also shows Christel Knappe tempera paintings.

Christel Knappe CV


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