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Gallery kajaste is a contemporary art oriented art gallery in Oulu, founded in the spring 2012. The gallery premises in the historical Tuomi-talo building are beautiful, spacious and full of light, located right in the city centre of Oulu, in Kajaaninkatu 25.

The meaning of the existence of a  gallery comes only from enabling the interplay between the artist’s artwork and the audience. An artwork itself has always its absolute value. A piece of art has come into existence from and inside the significant and unique interaction between the artist’s life context and the intrinsic life of the artist herself/himself. The precious chain of interaction between the artwork and the audience can only be preserved if the art is exhibited; to spark conversation, raise questions, awake feelings and affections, to thrill and fascinate – and to give the audience an unique experience of their own. At best, the exhibition will leave the visitor with a thought that will again arise something dawning new: a feeling, an idea, a perspective or questioning.

We want to enable good accessibility for the audience by the gallery opening hours at evenings Wed- Fri@2p.m.-7p.m. (weekends Sat-Sun@12 noon-4p.m.).

Free entrance! Warmly welcome!

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Anna-Maija Kajaste
gallery kajaste
Kajaaninkatu 25
90100 Oulu
Phone: 040 855 6598