As Time Goes By


 12. – 30. November 2014

Mona Hoel on laajalti tunnettu norjalainen, nykyisin Helsingissä asuva ja työskentelevä taidemaalari. Hän toimi useita vuosia juristina ennen kuvataiteen opintojaan. Hänellä on ollut yksityis- ja yhteisnäyttelyitä eri puolilla Eurooppaa ja USA:ssa. Hänen maalauksensa ovat tunnelmallisia, unenomaisia sisäisen maailman kuvauksia, jotka vahvistuvat katsojan mielessä yksityisesti koetuiksi ja merkityksellisiksi tunnelmiksi.

Näyttelyään ’As Time Goes By’ hän esittelee seuraavasti:

After two painfully long, cold, snowy and dark Finnish winters in a row it was as if all colours had disappeared from my palette. The following winter I spent working in southern Spain.

I brought with me some half-finished works from Finland to be continued in Spain. However, the inspiration was lost during transport. The Mediterranean light changed the works completely. Back in Finland six months later the same happened with the works I had started in Spain: Continuing working on unfinished paintings brought back from Spain appeared difficult and in most part impossible. This was a practical lesson in the relativity of light and colour.

Some of the works included in the exhibition made this trip back and forth.

After this experience it was back to basic: To the process of exploring the paint; Its texture and colours, ditto the painting surface; Canvas, hardboard, foam board, paper, and the current source of inspiration; Its possibilities and variations and: Search for new inspirations.

Liberating in my search for colour lost have been a few new acquaintances:

– Natural pigments from Roussillon in France, bought on site years ago.

– Oil pastels.

– Larger formats.

– The smoothness of foam board as painting surface.

– Charcoal pens.

– Drawing when painting.”

Helsinki, October 2014

Mona Hoel.

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