The Distant Sea

Paintings 8.- 26.11.2017


Carlos Montero inmerses himself in the poem “ The distant sea” by Pedro Salinas in order to paint from within. Only if you paint in direct contact with the sea, its salinity can surface. “I don’t want the sea from you, to be with you, between the sky and the land, that’s my sea”.                                                                                                                                  -Cristóbal Hernández


This is not the sea, this is its image,
its impression, its reflection in the heavens.
This is not the sea, this is its tenuous voice,
across the wide world,
in a loud speaker, through the air.

This is not the sea, this is its name
in a language without lips,
without nation,
without any words save this;

This is not the sea, this is its flaming
idea, unfathomable, limpid;
and I,
burning, extinguishing myself in it.

-Pedro Salinas

It was 1991 when Carlos Montero first came into contact with painting and sculpture,tutored by diverse and multifaceted artists at the company Zigurat. The interest sparked within him was so intense than he combined his job with painting training at the painter Herminio Estrella’s School of Art. A few years later he began the Certificate of Higher Education in Applied Arts in Sculpture at the School of Arts and Crafts of Murcia.
He took wide range of courses such as ”Drawing and Techniques of Painting” at the University of Murcia, and the ”Realism and Figuration Course”, run by the honorary doctorate Antonio López.



CV Carlos Montero

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