Mi And L’Au


Art Photos

15.4. – 3.5.2015

”Mi And L’Au” is an artist’s name for two multitalents Mira Romantschuk and Laurent Leclere.

Mi And L’Au are critically acclaimed (New york times/Uncut /Mojo/Pitchfork) and internationally renowned band since they signed in 2005 with prestigious New York record label Young God Records.

”We played more than 1000 concerts around the globe before spending time in Spain from 2008 to 2012. There, we continued to release music (Aquarella), publish poetry (El Païs), made different soundtracks for adverts (Chanel), Series (French Television), but also Zaida Bergroth’s  Finnish movie ’Hyvä Poika’.

We decided to live in Helsinki in 2012 and have been sculpting and taking pictures since. After an exhibition, Gumbostrand Konst Och Form in 2013, one in Hankoo in 2014 called July in Paris, and the release of our new album H2O, we will introduce our new work here in galleria Kajaste … called LONG EXPOSURE.”

Invitation and Exhibition information/Näyttelyn kutsu ja tiedote


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