Being There

Paintings/Målningar/Maalauksia 29.7.- 16.8.2015

”There is something about certain people, relationships and situations; certain places and stories; certain sounds, smells and colours; certain foods and moods, feelings and ideas,……… and there is something about
–  that certain smoothness of charcoal on foam board
–  that defiant feeling when applying ink or acrylics on a surface already covered by oil paint,
–  how pigments mix with the yolk and water when mixing egg tempera,
–  the finished work that is not finished after all, and
–  the, at times frightening,white canvas …
………that alone and together inspire me in my work.

I work on several different themes at the same time, with many painting surfaces ready at hand -paper, wood, board and canvas. At the outset the work progresses quite randomly. It then slowly becomes more structured and focused,and I end up working with one or two main themes that have grown out of and developed from the initial inspiration.

The process often continues in this way until the theme is exhausted and also often beyond.

Helsinki, July 2015, Mona Hoel”


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